Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformers and Megan Fox wallpapers!!

Here are all of the pictures I made so far. Don't worry more will be coming later!
Enjoy them!!



    I was waiting for these all week. I got this nice little gadget at the end of my blog that tells me if you update your page. Useful.

    Anyways, these freaking rock. I think I'm going to use the 3rd one as my wallpaper for now, but the second one is great too. That's the pic that guy is using for his avatar. She is cute and sexy at the same time. Kinda like a bunny rabbit.....that you want to have sex with. Ok....maybe that was a bad analogy.

    Thank you so much. You rock girl!

    Megan Fox Fanclub 4EVAR!!

    Oh, and when you make the Megan header for my blog, could you put "Megan Fox Fanclub" on it?

  2. Second is the best because that's my favorite pic of her.

    Awesome job. You made Jay's day it seems.

  3. Oh, and I put a new post up tonight. It's all about Megan Fox's tattoos. I think I wrote it quite well and you may like it.

    Finally a post that isn't mindless "I LOVE MEGAN!" written all over it.

    Think of it as my "Thank You" to you for all the wallpapers you made.

    You should get a Megan avatar yourself and join the club. Although Tifa guy is starting to really piss me off, change your avatar dammit!

  4. I like the Transformers one a lot! The explosion looks awesome in the background.

    Any way I could get a Bumblebee wallpaper?

    Thanks, just visited your site today.