Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hey guys I showed you some of the wallpapers I made and now I am taking suggestions for some wallpapers you want me to make, so just tell me what you want me to make and I will make it!

Also be sure to tell me if you want anything specific on it.



  1. *cough*Final Fantasy IX header I asked for months ago*cough*

    This site is looking really awesome. The thing you have on the side to sort out your picture categories looks real smooth.

    Keep up the awesome job!

  2. Well, like I said before and some other guy did, a transformers wallpaper would be awesome.

    If you haven't seen my blog yet, you would know that I'm fascinated by miss Meagan Fox, so if you could make a header of her for me, for my blog, that would be great.

    ...I have no CLUE how to make a header for the blog. I barely know how to dress myself in the morning yet alone all this computer shit.

    If you could do this for me, I'd love ya. Not like "lets get married love", you're only 14 years old. That would be disturbing and creepy. Love in a friend and "You're Cool!" kinda way. Any you are bring my love to me in a glorious header.

    I just followed your site as well (if I did it right, seemed really confusing). We're all a bunch of Noobs on this We need to get more famous!

  3. I want to join the Megan Fox fan club too!!!!!

  4. Yay for the Megan Fox Fan Club!!!

    Hip Hip Hooray!!!

    How many people do we got in the club? 4? Everyone change your avatars into Megan pics. Noctis is cool, but he doesn't have boobs, so Megan is better. And the dude with the Tifa avatar - change it to Megan. Tifa is hot, but Megan is hotter and REAL!

    The poor kid has to wonder what the Hell is going on....haha

  5. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It was my first! It's okay about following me twice, the follow thing is pretty messed up. I'm still trying to get mine fixed.

    And thanks about making the wallpaper. Although it seems that there are a bunch of Transformers/Megan Fox fans on here! Cool.

    And to Jay:

    I'll definitely join the Megan Fox Fan Club as well! Changing my avatar right now. Goodbye mr.shadow avatar, and hello angel!

  6. Can anyone help me?

    When I try to follow you, my pic is all blurry, and it just seems messed up.

    This sucks.

  7. I got some suggestions:

    -Bumblebee wallpaper. In both of his forms (robot and car).

    ....and I'm blanking on the other ideas I had. I'll get back to you on that.

  8. Hey, Jay here again!

    I absolutely NEED a Megan Fox wallpaper that has her tattoo quote "We Will All Laugh at Gilded Butterflies" on it.

    Pwetty pwease??