Monday, August 31, 2009

More Gerard and Hayley avatars!!!!

Well as you can see I made quite a few Gerard and Hayley pictures.......
These are more avatars of them.

Gerard Way and Hayley Williams wallpaper!!

The first one is Hayley Williams and the second one is Gerard Way. I really like these two people so that is why I have a lot of wallpapers of them.

Enjoy them!!

Gerard and Hayley avatar!

This is a Gerard and Hayley avatar that I made. If you need it to be smaller just tell me and I will do it.

My Chemical Romance and Paramore wallpapers!!!!!

Wow I haven't posted anything on here in awhile. Sorry about that. Anyway I have some new wallpapers that I made of two really cool bands.

On one of the wallpapers there is a special guest.......
if you ever find it tell me, I want to know if you know who it is. You probably won't know who it is though.....