Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random stuff

Well I found out some new stuff lately, and some new stuff came out.

First I found out that new girl from the Final Fantasy XIII trailer's name, you know the one with black hair and was talking to snow also the girl that was with Noctis on those PSP walls, well it is Wolba Yun Fang or something like that I think. Pretty long name.....

Also I am a huge Green Day fan and their new music video came out. It is a music video for 21st Century Breakdown and you can watch it on their MySpace channel here.

I like it a lot, it looks really cool and different. At the end Billie Joe looked so cute too! Sorry I am a 14 year old girl who loves Green Day.

Also My Chemical Romance should be coming out with a new CD soon. They haven't said anything about it yet but I hope it comes out before the end of the year.

Anyway I'm going, talk to you guys later!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

More PSP walls!!

More PSP Walls because I am just so excited for my new PSP!! My favorite out of this bunch is probably the Noctis and the girl again. I hope you like these too!!

PSP walls!!!

So I am getting a PSP finally and I am going to get the Dissidia edition one too because I really want that game too. So I made a lot of different walls for the PSP, feel free to use them for your PSP too. I like the first one with Noctis and that girl because they both have like the same expression on their faces, like that kinda mad look, pretty cool.

Final Fantasy XIII mystery girl

This girl looks pretty cool, so I decided to make some avatars and a wall of her because I know probably not to many people made walls of her, so it will be like I am one of the first. Anyway she doesn't have a name yet but people have been calling her the tattoo girl so that is what I am going to go with right now. She looks cool like Noctis from Versus XIII and kinda looks like Zack from VII's long lost sister or something.........maybe you find out that she is Zack's sister or at least half sister or something and that she is good friend's with Noctis......that would be cool.
Anyway I hope you like these pictures!!

Final Fantasy XIII walls!!

These are some wallpapers I made for Final Fantasy XIII because this game is looking pretty good. I hope all of you like these as much as I do. My favorite is the Snow one.