Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII

I made all of these because I have been playing Final Fantasy XIII lately and it is awesome, so I just had to make walls of all of the main characters with their summons.

MCR walls

These are two MCR walls I made for all of you. I made the iGerard one because I just learned how to do that and I wanted to try it out, and I made the Bob one because he is awesome even though he left MCR.....I am going to miss him.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

No more Bob in My Chemical Romance!!

As you all may know I love My Chemical Romance and the band members are amazing and funny.

I just learned that Bob Bryar (drummer) is not in the band anymore:( I was sad to hear this because I liked Bob and thought he was pretty funny and cool, so he will be missed.

On a better note I will also be getting more pictures up soon, just been kinda busy lately. I will put up some pictures of Bob too because I am going to miss him.

My Chemical Romance is still working on their CD and they just wrote some new songs so I don't know when there CD is going to come out especially since now they need a new drummer....

Also Final Fantasy XIII is coming out March 9th, can't wait for it!! There is also a new Pokemon game coming out in March too, can't wait for that either! I pre-ordered both Final Fantasy XIII and Pokemon Soul Silver so can't wait to play them!

Anyway......that was just a quick update on how things are going since I haven't posted on here for awhile....but hopefully I will be putting more pictures on soon!!