Thursday, March 4, 2010

No more Bob in My Chemical Romance!!

As you all may know I love My Chemical Romance and the band members are amazing and funny.

I just learned that Bob Bryar (drummer) is not in the band anymore:( I was sad to hear this because I liked Bob and thought he was pretty funny and cool, so he will be missed.

On a better note I will also be getting more pictures up soon, just been kinda busy lately. I will put up some pictures of Bob too because I am going to miss him.

My Chemical Romance is still working on their CD and they just wrote some new songs so I don't know when there CD is going to come out especially since now they need a new drummer....

Also Final Fantasy XIII is coming out March 9th, can't wait for it!! There is also a new Pokemon game coming out in March too, can't wait for that either! I pre-ordered both Final Fantasy XIII and Pokemon Soul Silver so can't wait to play them!

Anyway......that was just a quick update on how things are going since I haven't posted on here for awhile....but hopefully I will be putting more pictures on soon!!

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